Who We Are

Hope 4 Pups – Pet Adoption Service

Bety Fernandez is an independent rescuer that created the shelter “Fundacion Adogta Mexico” to rescue the dogs that are abandoned in the streets of Mexico or in cruelty and abusive conditions. Bety takes the dogs into her shelter (her home) and rehabilitates them to give them a second chance.

Bety does spay/neuter campaigns every month that she pays and tries to convince people and make them aware of the commitment and responsibility of owning a pet; as well as the benefits of spaying/neutering have.

Together Montse and Bety work very hard to make sure that the pups have a second chance and the life they deserve.


How Did We Start

I wanted to find a way to help the dogs in the shelter in Mexico. In one of my visits to Mexico I visited the shelter and met my now partner and the owner of the shelter, Bety. since then I started collecting bottles in Cochrane and at the end of each month I send dog food to the shelter in Mexico. Which sends me pics and videos of the food once is received and the pups enjoying the food.

After I met Bety and knew all the hard work that she does in rescuing the dogs and giving them the life they deserve, we became partners and I also help her in finding families for the pups in Canada. We have been doing this since 2019.

What I do:

I help finding families in Canada for the pups and once I find a family, we bring the pup from our shelter in Mexico to Canada to their “furever” home and family.

I also collect bottles in Cochrane, AB and monetary donations to send food for the pups that are in our shelter in Mexico. I send food once a month and I post the video and pictures of the food

Montse and Betty